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If you are an investor searching for a safer way to invest, ask yourself three questions:


  • Would you like to generate a passive and meaningful income stream in all market conditions?


  • Would you like to generate this income stream consistently?


  • Would you like an alternative with less risk than investments subjected to the stock market's volatility?



If your answer to at least one of the three questions is “yes,” this multi-award-winning book is a must-read.


New 2nd Edition

Multi-Award-Winning Book


Private Money Lending describes a unique investment strategy that teaches investors how to consistently and safely generate a substantial passive income stream in all market conditions. This book is an excellent reference source for anyone who wants to learn how to invest in private mortgages in a sound and safe manner. The investment strategy explained in this book can change your financial life for the better.


Every investor knows that learning to generate a consistent, substantial, and predictable passive income stream is the ultimate goal for anyone who wants to retire early and in comfort. In fact, creating a consistent passive income stream is considered the "Holy Grail" of personal financial independence. 


However, it is important to understand that there are many investments that can generate passive income, but not all passive incomes are created equal. Learning to invest in private mortgages will generate a safe, significant, and consistent passive income stream, which is crucial for the income investor.


The list below shows the book awards won by Private Money Lending to date:

  • Axiom Business Book Awards-2016 Silver Medal

  • International Book Awards-2017 Gold Medal

  • Independent Press Awards-2017 Gold Medal

  • Next-Generation Indie Book Awards-2017 Finalist Medal

  • New York City Big Book Awards-2017 Gold Medal

  • National Indie Excellence Awards-2017 Finalist Medal

  • Best Book Awards-2017 Finalist Medal

  • North American Book Awards-2017 Bronze Medal

  • Chanticleer Int'l Book Awards- I & I Non-fiction-2017 Blue Ribbon 1st in Category  

  • Clemens Medal-2017 Gold Medal

  • IAN Book of the Year Awards-2018 Finalist Medal

  • Literary Titan Book Awards-2019 Gold Medal

  • Book Excellence Awards-2019 Finalist Medal

  • Readers' Favorite International Book Awards-2019 Silver Medal

  • TopShelf Book Awards-2019 Gold Medal

  • Next-Generation Indie Book Awards-2020 Finalist Medal

  • Chanticleer Int'l Book Awards Harvey Chute Book Awards-2020 Finalist Medal 

  • Manhattan Book Awards-2020 Finalist Medal

  • International Latino Book Awards-2020 Silver Medal

  • Chanticleer Int'l Book Awards Harvey Chute Book Awards-2021 Finalist Medal

  • IPPY Book Awards-2022 Bronze Medal

  • eLIT Book Awards-2022 Gold and Bronze Medals

  • FAPA President's Book Awards-2022 Silver Medal

  • Indies Today Awards-2023 Finalist Medal

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