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Book Reviews for Private Money Lending

Private Money Lending 2nd Edition

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"A comprehensive overview of the benefits and drawbacks to an investment strategy."

"In this business book, Gomez guides readers through the fundamentals of private mortgage lending and recommends it as less risky than equity investing...."
"The guide is an extremely detailed introduction to a complex topic...."
"At the same time, the book does not oversell the possibilities of private mortgage lending and provides tools for assessing the potential returns of the investment, adding to its credibility."
".....Gomez does a good job of using clear, simple language..... making it highly accessible to readers without an advanced understanding of finance and investment."
"On the whole, ....the amount of information conveyed more than justifies the book's length, making it a worthwhile tool for readers interested in expanding their investment portfolios in a new direction."  
"....informative introduction to an unfamiliar investment vehicle."


 Reviewed by: Kirkus Reviews

Private Money Lending: Learn How to Consistently Generate a Passive Income Stream by Gustavo J Gomez, Ph.D. is a groundbreaking book that explores a not-so-well-known area of investing -- private mortgage lending. In this well-researched and masterfully written book, the author unveils secrets and strategies that will help readers maximize their investments. This is a book for people who want to consistently generate passive streams of income, people who want to understand what it takes to win in a volatile investment market, and people who want to minimize the risk in their investments. The author explains the risks involved in the stock market and how the Federal Reserve policy impacts negatively on investors. But he moves on to provide powerful strategies that will allow readers to make the best choices for their investments.


Gustavo J Gomez, Ph.D. comes across as an expert in the area of generating passive income, an author who puts years of research and information in front of his readers that they need to know. The writing is down-to-earth, a conversational, relaxed style that makes for a delightful read. The reader feels the assurance of reading work from an expert who has invested a lot of time and research in the subject and has uncovered powerful facts and strategies that can help them invest successfully. What I loved so much about this book is the fact that it doesn't sell a product and the author doesn't distract readers by inviting them to join some master class. The book itself is a master class. One feels that he has poured all his research into this book in a style that is very accessible to ordinary readers. Private Money Lending: Learn How to Consistently Generate a Passive Income Stream is a priceless gem for those who are interested in transforming their personal finances into streams of passive income.


Reviewed by: Romuald Dzemo for Readers' Favorite. (5 Stars!)

Gustavo J. Gomez, Ph.D. creates a successful, readable, and thorough guide to financial literacy in the post-2008 market and an enlightening read for soon-to-be retired individuals seeking safer ways to invest. The author does an excellent job of educating the reader from A to Z on many financial topics. However, the central focus of the book is helping the reader gain enough literacy to begin to generate a passive income stream. In fact, Private Money Lending is a layman’s bible for financial literacy.” 


Reviewed by: Megan Roth for IndieReader. (4.3 Stars!)

The sincerity of the author becomes apparent after reading just a couple of chapters. It doesn't seem contrived or intended to promote a product, service or agenda. The material is thorough and seems to be well researched. The depth of information is quite notable. As I understand it, this book was the product of the author's Ph.D. dissertation. I wish every book on finance was as honest, informative and engaging. Very well done.


Amazon customer reviewer--5 stars!

Great for anyone wanting to enhance their financial knowledge and diversify their investments. Very reader-friendly  book that is well-written and is a fabulous resource for anyone who desires to invest in private mortgages safely. The chapters also cover an array of financial topics such as stocks, bonds, certificates, real estate investing, foreclosures, crowdfunding, money-market and varying forms of assets. Another reason this book is worth its weight in gold it offers an extensive amount of reference material that even the most seasoned investor could certainly learn from.

I highly suggest this book for anyone looking into private mortgages or for those wanting to learn more about finances and real estate.

Amazon Customer Reviewer- Willow Moon Greymoor; 5-Stars!


Are you in retirement, or close to it, wondering how you’re going to make ends meet pulling from your portfolio? Well, you’re not alone if you’re staying up at night thinking about how low-interest rates are killing your investments. In a practical and easy-to-read format, Gomez explains to investors the particulars of a little-known yet potentially lucrative investment technique that can handle the ups and downs of the stock market. Unlike stocks, the underlying security of private money lending is a tangible asset – brick and mortar, so there is another layer of protection for you, the investor.

Whether you’re in your golden years relaxing on a sandy beach or fast approaching retirement, you will want to read Gustavo Gomez’s Private Money Lending: Learn How to Consistently Generate a Passive Income Stream.


 Chanticleer-CIBA I & I 1 st Place Award. Review by: J. O’Reilly; 5-Stars!


The book is highly structured, with categories and subcategories within chapters to ensure the information is laid out responsibly and clearly. This ensures there is no room for misinterpretation or confusion.

Information is unpacked progressively and with expanding detail throughout the book, meaning each chapter, which could mistakingly be perceived as repetitive at times, is distilling slightly more information than the last.

It has a paint-by-numbers effect - at first, you are unsure of the relevance of the different information you are being presented with, like when you are painting the first color, but then when the bigger picture starts becoming clearer as you add more color, you realize the value of all the pieces or nuggets of information.

Reviewed by Meg Thomas, Amazon reviewer.

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