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Book Reviews for HAIR LOSS: Options for Restoration & Reversal

HAIR LOSS: Options for Restoration & Reversal 2nd Edition

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" Intelligently organized, competently written, and comprehensive advice on hair loss."

  A healthcare book offers a voluminous exploration of hair loss.
  HAIR LOSS 2nd Edition offers 19 chapters covering hair loss in meticulous detail.

" Gomez's scrupulously researched 2nd edition may well be regarded by the medical community as a definitive resource on hair        loss."

  Reviewed by: Kirkus Reviews.

Dr. Gomez, an award-winning author of medical and business books with years of experience and drawing from past research presented in the text, meticulously, openly, and honestly delivers everything about human hair. 

.....Dr. Gomez presents factual information that has been tested and proven against myths and solutions that seem "too good to be true." A reader of "Hair Loss," regardless of their intention for reading it, will finish and leave feeling more knowledgeable......

Reviewed by Rachel Dehning for Reader Views (1/2023)   5-Stars!

.....I am a methodical person, and I like to approach problems like hair loss in a systematic and scientific manner. I would rather read a book by an expert than react to a sixty-second infomercial. The only drawback to this way of doing things is finding the right book. If you are in a similar situation as to what you can do about hair loss, let me assure you. This is the book for you.

Hair Loss by Gustavo J. Gomez does exactly what the title and subtitle imply. It lists your options to combat and restore the loss of hair in a clear and very organized manner, one that is not intent on selling you something but just giving you the information you can use. The writing is clear and concise. The explanations are reasonable and scientific. Hair Loss: Options for Restoration and Reversal has helped me decide which direction I need to go in as I tackle this problem. It is rare to find the book that tells you everything you need to know on a subject. When it comes to hair loss, Gustavo J. Gomez has written that book.

Reviewed by: Ray Simmons for Readers' Favorite; 5-Stars!

"Hair Loss: Options for Restoration & Reversal" by Gustavo J. Gomez, Ph.D. is one of the most informative, well-researched books I have read about alopecia. The author provides a general education about hair growth cycles with detailed diagrams and what happens when hair follicles do not regenerate.

Hair Loss: Options for Restoration & Reversal by Gustavo J. Gomez was very informative, well researched and a benefit to all who have hair loss, and anyone who would like to know “why?”


Carol Hoyer, Reader Views, 5-Stars!    

......Hair Loss is so well written that anybody with no prior understanding of the field can easily pick up and learn all of the information they need. I was impressed with Gustavo’s obvious and in-depth knowledge of the field, and also his ability to make the subject easy to understand as well as interesting to read! Hair loss is such a common occurrence among people all over the world, regardless of race or ethnicity, that I am sure many people will truly benefit from learning more about the underlying science of hair and also be able to choose wisely from all of the treatment options available. This is a very useful book that I would recommend!

Reviewed by: Gisela Dixon for Readers' Favorite; 5-Stars!

Hair Loss: Options For Restoration and Reversal by Gustavo J Gomez, Ph.D., is an extremely well written, and informative book on a very common ailment today, hair loss. With nearly thirty years of experience and research invested into this project, Dr. Gomez will explain everything you need to know about reversing the effects of alopecia, for both men and women. Discussing every option available, from replacement surgery options to topical solutions that are low cost, readers will be well armed with the knowledge of every bonus, perk and success rate available for today’s hair loss solutions.


 Katherine York-Amazon Customer Reviewer; 5-Stars!

Admittedly, this is a piece of literature I had not previously considered picking up since I nor any member of my family suffer from hair loss, thankfully, but I nonetheless learned a great deal about the subject that was intensely educating yet still fascinating. Gomez uses a vast array of resources and proven science that he thoroughly cites, which gives readers a meticulously informed view of the matter, from knowing about the problem and what causes it to what can be done to treat it. Gomez doesn't simply state his opinion on hair loss or current procedures; he wants to make sure his readers are accurately aware of the entire subject, which makes him more credible and genuine, therefore, worthy of our time.

Victoria Whitebread- Amazon Customer, 5-Stars!

I felt like I knew a lot about hair, given that I (quite literally) study it every single day. It turns out that I knew much less than I believed, with the cracks being filled and smoothed over by the information provided. Hair Loss by Gustavo J. Gomez, Ph.D., goes beyond the standard pamphlet-style material I've found from other sources. 

This was a fascinating book for a reader who is fascinated by the hair, but as a guide to anyone working in the industry or experiencing loss themselves, it's absolutely recommended.

Reviewed by:  Jaime Michele for Readers' Favorite; 5-Stars!

In this second edition of his book Hair Loss: Options for Restoration and Reversal, Doctor Gustavo J. Gomez, Ph.D., gives an in-depth medical perspective about what is important in the field of hair loss, as well as the many restorative treatments.

Gustavo J. Gomez has provided an invaluable guide that equips you with the necessary information about hair loss.

This is the only book you will need to tell you everything you need to know about hair loss intervention.

Reviewed by: Vincent Dublado for Readers' Favorite; 5-Stars!

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